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The 4 Best Recruiting Apps

Guy Thornton December 01, 2018

As a recruiter, you will know that time is of the essence when trying to hire the right employees. You want to find good candidates quickly, and without having to drag the processes through weeks as it might open the door to too many applications.

This is why many recruiters are now doing their job on the go. After all, with a smartphone and an internet connection, it’s very easy to work anytime and anywhere, especially with these 4 excellent mobile apps.

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

If you already have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you know exactly how powerful the network is. It is home to more than 400 million professionals, allowing you to find the best talent for any company in a wide range of industries. The LinkedIn Recruiter mobile app, which is free and available on iOS and Android, is very easy to use and a perfect extension of the online service. You can send messages and see real-time updates such as candidate profile edits and new applications. It doesn’t support boolean searches, but you can of course send messages, notes or scan multiple profiles.

2. Instajob

As the name suggests, Instajob focuses on speed and efficiency for creating job ads. This is done by using a very visual method that involves taking pictures at work in order to show potential candidates what their future job and environment will be like. The app was developed by CareerCloud, and it’s a very innovative way to capture applicants’ attention by giving them a clear idea of the day-to-day of the job. It also follows a growing trends of companies creating job ads through alternative ways such as Youtube videos or WhatsApp messages. The Instajob app costs $2.99 and it is available for iOS and Android.

3. Interview Assistant

This mobile app is not only free, but also designed specifically for creating interviews. You can create prescreen and interview questions and share them with your contacts. If you are feeling uninspired, it also comes with 250 template questions that will cover most interviews in a wide range of industries. Interview Assistant also lets you track multiple interviews, rate the candidates and create your own question templates. The only downside we can think of is that it’s only available on iOS yet.

4. SmartRecruiters Mobile Hiring App

This iOS and Android App kinda flew under the radar, but it’s created by a very serious software company specialising in creating Talent Acquisition Platforms. As such, their mobile app is thorough in offering everything you might need for the recruitment process. This includes the ability to post jobs, manage candidate responses, approve job offers and get analytics insights. It is also a great tool for communicating with other recruiters in your team as you can share ratings and candidate feedback, making it ideal for big organisations. The app is free but you will need a paid account from SmartRecruiters to make full use of it. So as you can see, there is no shortage of mobile apps allowing you to do your job on the go these days – just make sure you don’t forget to turn them off every now and then!

Guy Thornton December 01, 2018

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