How The First Mile met their demanding needs without sacrificing on quality

Test Candidates are shaking up an industry that is traditionally seen as outdated and regressive. Psychometric tests have been continually refined since the early part of the 20th century. It is refreshing to experience a product that helps clients make intelligent hiring decisions, reducing noise and importantly, cost! Test Candidates’ mission focus is very much in line with The First Mile’s.

When it came to The First Mile’s decision to use Test Candidates, it was all about recognising the sheer variety of assessments required and finding a provider who could keep up!

The perfect tool for variety

The First Mile wanted to assess strengths and development needs in very different areas of the business and teams. Test Candidates was able to facilitate this demand without compromising on the quality of assessment.

When looking at our team we wanted to assess their strengths and development needs in various areas and found Test Candidates to be the perfect tool to do this. Not only did the range of tests perfectly fit what we needed but the system was easy to use and also very reasonably priced. I would thoroughly recommend Test Candidates.
Georgina, HR Manager, The First Mile
Georgina, HR Manager, The First Mile


The First Mile's vision is to eradicate waste and make the world a greener place. They set out in 2004 on a mission to revolutionise business sustainability, starting with waste and recycling. Since then they have become famous for shaking up the industry, helping thousands of customers reduce their carbon footprint, and have also launched a green energy service.




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