How MIB managed unpredictability using our plans

Psychometric testing is commonplace within the education sector, but that did not mean that we selected our supplier light heartedly. We have been with Test Candidates since its inception and have seen continuous improvement. They strive to improve, to adjust and take advice directly from their clients to do so. One of the features introduced that hugely benefited us was the ability to create a custom plan.

We have months where we use very little to no tests and in others, the demand is enormous! Through collaboration, we reached a place where our unpredictable demand became one less worry. The option to have unlimited test numbers, to use as and when we needed, no obligations, no hidden fees, was an invaluable contribution toward our recruitment efforts.

Flexible and innovative

To take an age old concept and turn it on its head, does not necessarily mean you create something good - often it can only show that some things ought to be left alone. However this certainly is not the case with Test Candidates. This has been a precious collaboration for us and that is down to their flexible and personable approach.
Barbara, Head of Admissions, MIB
Barbara, Head of Admissions, MIB


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