How NLPCA revolutionised their Graduate Scheme recruitment overnight

There is a certain stigma associated with Chartered Accountancy firms when it comes to processes. Terminology such as ‘traditional’ and ‘old fashioned’ spring to mind.

However, we at NLPCA strive to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Partnering with creative, exciting and fast-growing companies means that we are constantly striving to apply the same ‘out of the box’ thinking of our clients, to all of our processes. Including recruitment.

In 2020, the impact of COVID-19 was beyond any of our comprehension. Initially, we did not see ourselves being able to take on the same number of talented Graduates we are accustomed to. Yet almost overnight, that changed and suddenly we were pushing play on our Graduate Recruitment without much of a plan and only one week before interviews would need to be scheduled.

Enter Test Candidates. Our goal was to not only improve our hiring process, but to encourage a more modern approach overall, with impressive technology at the forefront. After just one email and two phone calls with the team at Test Candidates, we were able to begin testing thousands of Graduates, all within 24 hours.

First impressions count

Our new recruits experience the platform and associate NLPCA with slick, streamlined, intelligent technology before having even walked through our doors. Our company is demonstrated in the best possible light and sets us apart from our competitors, or indeed any other companies our candidates were applying for simultaneously.

An unbeatable service, impressive platform and fantastic value for money.
Laurence, Partner, NLPCA
Laurence, Partner, NLPCA


Nyman Libson Paul are an expert accountancy services for SMEs, start-ups and private clients for the arts entertainment and media sectors. Founded in 1933 from an idea to create a different type of accountancy practice, their portfolio of clients read like a ‘who’s who of the film, theatre and TV world’. Fast forward to today and they boast an ever-growing, dynamic team of experts with significant experience advising SMEs, start-ups and private clients. We’ve not lost our media-industry DNA and still lead the way within the arts, entertainment and media sectors.




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