How PiPA saved thousands by replacing in-house testing

Just as so many businesses found, on a global scale, the impact of COVID-19 in 2020 on our ‘normality’ was beyond imagination. It impacted both work and home life, in that home became work life. Amongst the many drastic adjustments that were made, specifically, our recruitment process had to be reevaluated.

Suddenly, businesses had to hire candidates without having met them! There was an essential layer to the hiring process that was taken away from us and we had to find a way to replace it. Introducing psychometric testing into PiPA recruitment function allowed us to gain an insight into a candidate’s abilities, strengths and even personality without having to meet with them. We were able to make educated, informed and fair decisions, all the while remaining safe.

Initially, we saw Test Candidates as a temporary solution, to a hopefully temporary problem. However, the more we have used the platform, the more we have seen the data received off the back of these tests becoming crucial to understanding what we want and need to see from new hires. Not to mention the time and cost efficiency! Psychometric testing is here to stay.

Of course, face to face interviews are likely to return when they can, but that is not to say that we will be reverting back to our old ways. Test Candidates has definitely opened our eyes to the benefits of technological integration into HR. What we were also pleasantly surprised by was how approachable and personable the product and service was. We can customise the material sent to candidates, ensuring it falls in line with our branding.

Goodbye expensive and lengthy hiring processes.

When looking at our team we wanted to assess their strengths and development needs in various areas and found Test Candidates to be the perfect tool to do this. Not only did the range of tests perfectly fit what we needed but the system was easy to use and also very reasonably priced. I would thoroughly recommend Test Candidates.
Nick, CTO, PiPA
Nick, CTO, PiPA


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