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Update Your Hiring Process: Gamification Works

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton May 01, 2020
Using Gamification to Hire

Whether you know what it is or not – gamification is happening all around you. The actual idea behind gamification is simple. In practice, you make an activity enjoyable by incorporating game-like influences.

When using gamification in hiring, it embraces technology and could land you some amazing staff. The easiest way to do this is through building a gaming app, but you could also have an in-website game. The game doesn’t have to be too technical, it just has to be enjoyable and somewhat related to your industry. Regardless of your method, incorporating gamification opens you up to positive benefits.

Take Advantage of Mobile Addiction

Technology addiction is real. It may be irritating to some, but it could be used to your advantage to draw in new applicants. Studies show that 92% of teenagers use the internet daily via a smart phone device. You may not want teenagers for your role now, but they will be taking over the job market shortly. You need to embrace this rather than reject it, and using gamification will at least draw you enough to choose the best of them. Now, forget teenagers and just look at the applicants in general, 9 out of 10 job seekers use a smart phone to search for a new job. By introducing gamification in hiring, it gives you an edge. They will be more likely to apply if it’s enjoyable, so an app or a website will really attract them.

Attract More with an Attractive Process

We live in a candidate-driven market. For everyone that you offer a role to, it’s likely they’ve gotten a couple more offers up their belt. If they chose one of those other roles, you’ve essentially wasted time, money and brain power in getting them through your hiring process. You don’t want to be that kid in high school who buttered up the cheerleader all year only to watch her go to prom with some jock. You want the candidate to choose you, and quickly too. Gamification can help you here, because it’s going to make the overall process attractive to job seekers. If it’s more attractive and enjoyable, it sticks out to them. This will stick in their mind when it comes time to make a decision. It can also be a good way to give them an early sense of what your company is like.

Embrace the Data

If your applicants are using an app to apply, it gives you the potential to gather data on them. Specific games will attract specific data, but a few things will remain consistent across all types. This could include response time, location, age, and gender. Having this data can help you to really focus your app later, if there is a specific type of person you are trying to attract to a role.

In Conclusion

You can’t fight technology. You need to embrace it and get on with your business. By including gamification in hiring you are opening yourself up to a larger audience of applicants. You’ll stand out in their minds more than other companies. For all the reasons we’ve discussed, gamification works and you need it in your hiring process.

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton May 01, 2020

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