Compliance & Ethics

In today's dynamic business world, unwavering commitment to compliance and ethical principles is an absolute necessity. Ensuring that your candidates not only comprehend but also wholeheartedly embrace compliance and ethics is an important step in your recruitment process.

  • What is a compliance & ethics test?

    A compliance and ethics test is a specialized assessment that goes beyond a superficial understanding of regulations. It's designed to evaluate an individual's dedication to ethical conduct and their ability to put this knowledge into practice effectively.

    A test on this topic can cover a wide spectrum of scenarios and combine different questions to gauge understanding and analytical skills with a measure of ethical behavior and adherence to policies.

    As a result, the compliance and ethics test plays a pivotal role in the hiring process across various positions, ensuring that candidates align with your organization's values and uphold the highest standards of integrity and compliance.

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  • Why is a compliance & ethics test so important when hiring?

    Evaluating soft skills, particularly compliance and ethics, can be a formidable challenge through traditional hiring methods such as resume reviews and interviews.

    When faced with a deluge of applications for coveted job positions, identifying suitable candidates can become a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. While a resume review may help filter candidates based on their education and experience, it often falls short in evaluating essential soft skills

    The compliance and ethics test provides an efficient solution for assessing a large pool of candidates. It ensures fairness by presenting all candidates with the same standardized test, eliminating bias from the evaluation process.

    As a result, selecting applicants who meet or exceed your compliance and ethics standards becomes more straightforward, often leading to more efficient interviews and reduced hiring costs.

    Our compliance and ethics test can be a valuable tool when recruiting candidates for a wide range of roles, including but not limited to:

    • Fraud Examiners, Investigators, and Analysts
    • Personal Financial Advisors
    • Treasurers and Controllers
    • Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses
    • Billing and Posting Clerks
    • Credit Counselors
    • Healthcare Social Workers

Sample Compliance & Ethics question

You work for a pharmaceutical company conducting clinical trials for a potentially life-saving drug. During a weekly check-in, one of your new reports mentions they realized they made a small error while processing the trial data that, if addressed, could delay the drug's approval by several months. As they are still not fully familiar with your company's policies, they ask you whether they should officially raise the issue or keep the information confidential.

What should you do?

  • Tell them to keep quiet about the error, allowing the drug approval process to proceed without delay.

  • Report the error to your supervisor, but omit the details about how the error was made and discovered.

  • Share the information you have with your supervisor and suggest a thorough review of the trial data to ensure the accuracy of the drug's efficacy.

  • Ask one of your more experienced reports to review the trial data, while you reassign the new one to a different project.

How to assess compliance & ethics skills using our test

Our compliance and ethics test asks a variety of questions that vary in difficulty level. Candidates who demonstrate strong skills should be able to answer most of the questions correctly.

The test provides valuable data insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. The test is structured using multiple-choice questions: a familiar format for most test-takers, that allows for instant and objective scoring.

As well as the correct answer, there are typically 2-3 distractors, representing common misconceptions and mistakes. This helps make the test more challenging, so a candidate's ability can be measured more accurately.

Test scores are provided to the user and can be compared to other test-takers in your talent pool, to see how they perform relative to each other.

Each test has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy and validity in line with industry standards. It has been written, examined, and edited by I/O psychologists and psychometric professionals. It has also been reviewed by a diverse sample of job seekers to check for any issues including sensitivity, face validity, fairness, and accessibility.

This test is continually monitored so our team can optimize performance and regularly assess fairness issues.


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“The platform is so simple to use. I had used competitor providers for over six years and will never go back. Fast, efficient and friendly!”
Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd
Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd

Compliance & Ethics FAQs

Is the compliance & ethics test hard?

The test is designed to be moderately difficult. It requires the candidates to evaluate an ethical dilemma or compliance issue and determine the best course of action.

Why should a compliance and ethics test be used in a hiring process?

Traditional hiring methods may not effectively evaluate soft skills, especially when it comes to a field as delicate as compliance & ethics. Our test covers a wide range of topics and streamlines the assessment of a large candidate pool, ensuring fairness and providing objective data to identify top-performing candidates who align with your standards.

How frequently is the test updated to align with evolving compliance standards and ethical practices?

Regular updates are essential to maintaining the test’s relevance for our clients. We work diligently to ensure that the content remains current and aligned with industry best practices.

When should I use a compliance & ethics test?

Tests are best used early on in the hiring process to narrow the pool of candidates down to those who have the desired skills. It should be used for roles that require strict adherence to legal or regulatory compliance standards or codes of conduct.

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Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA
Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA

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