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The 10 Best Recruiting Apps for Talent Sourcing in 2022

Ryan Green
Ryan Green April 19, 2021
Best recruiting apps talent sourcing 2022

As a recruiter, you will know that time is of the essence when trying to hire the right employees. You want to find good candidates quickly, without having to drag the process through weeks, potentially opening the door to too many applications.

Apps are solving talent sourcing issues in a big way by allowing areas of recruitment to be conducted seamlessly on mobile. After all, with a smartphone and an internet connection, it's very easy to work anytime and anywhere.

Our comprehensive list of ten tools will help to improve your recruitment in 2022 with these talent sourcing apps:

10 Best Recruiting Apps For Talent Sourcing

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

recruitment app LinkedIn Recruiter

Why you'll love it: If you already have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you know exactly how powerful the network is. It is home to more than 740 million professionals, allowing you to find the best talent for any company in a wide range of industries.

The LinkedIn Recruiter app, which is free and available on iOS and Android, is very easy to use and a perfect extension of the online service. You can send messages and see real-time updates such as candidate profile edits and new applications.

2. Instagram #hiring

recruitment app instagram instahiring

Why you'll love it: You probably already have a company instagram account – why not use it for recruitment? Simply adding the hashtag #hiring to your next post will expose you to some unique opportunities that your competitors may not be finding. Psst - use Canva to create some awesome job ads for social media.

3. Interview Assistant

interview assistant recruitment scheduling

Why you'll love it: This app is not only free but also designed specifically for creating interviews. You can create pre-screen and interview questions, and share them with your contacts. If you are feeling uninspired, it also comes with 250 template questions that will cover most interviews in a wide range of industries. Interview Assistant also lets you track multiple interviews, rate the candidates and create your own question templates. Pretty useful!

4. SmartRecruiters

recruitment app smart recruiter

Why you'll love it: This app kind of flew under the radar for a while, but it's created by a very serious software company specialising in creating talent acquisition platforms. As such, it offers everything you might need for the recruitment process. This includes the ability to post jobs, manage candidate responses, approve job offers, and get analytics insights.

It is also a great tool for communicating with other recruiters in your team as you can share ratings and candidate feedback, making it ideal for big organisations. The app is free but you will need a paid account from SmartRecruiters to make full use of it.

5. Workable

workable talent sourcing recruitment app

Why you'll love it: Workable is a recruitment hiring platform that encompasses multiple functions and features to make your recruitment tasks as productive as possible. From job descriptions to offer letters, discover candidates and decide who's best for your business, fast.

6. Recruiterflow

recruitment app recruiterflow

Why you'll love it: Recruiterflow is an ATS (applicant tracking software) that provides a great all-in-one solution to managing your recruitment pipeline and candidate experience. It also offers some useful productivity tools such as automation and reporting. If you're looking for a great all-rounder product you should give Recruiterflow a try.

7. Monster

monster app talent sourcing

Why you'll love it: Monster is a jobs board that allows hiring managers to shortlist candidates, review resumes and contact potential applicants interested in interviewing via messaging, all via your mobile.

8. Shapr

recruitment app shapr

Why you'll love it: Shapr helps recruiters find inspiration, opportunities, and build awesome networks. Shapr's motto is "take networking from awkward to awesome". You can meet some inspiring professionals easily with a swipe of your mobile. If you're looking to build contacts we highly recommend it.

9. Calendly

calendly recruitment app

Why you'll love it: Calendly allows candidates to schedule appointments with recruiters and hiring personnel based on their calendar availability. This is a big time-saver and seriously improves productivity.

While mostly known for its calendar app and scheduling software, other features of Calendly's app include video conferencing and the ability to schedule interviews. Calendly offers different pricing tiers including a useful free basic version.

10. Vincere

vincere recruitment app

Why you'll love it: Also referred to as "the recruitment weapon" Vincere is a recruitment and staffing agency software solution. At its core, it's a CRM with additional add-ons like engagement, comms and time sheets. You'll find it super-useful when it comes to integration with other products on the market and it's easy to scale up as your needs grow.

Ryan Green
Ryan Green April 19, 2021

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