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Recruitment trends to expect from 2021

Natasha Harries February 12, 2021
Recruitment trends 2021

Recruitment trends to expect from 2021

It is only February and 2021 has already been quite the rollercoaster! The USA has a new President and apparently, a folk song traditionally performed by fisherman known as a 'sea shanty' has become mainstream music thanks to TikTok.

At such a volatile time, trying to predict what the world of recruitment will look like in 2021 might seem an impossible task. But as we ease ourselves into the second year of life with COVID-19, trends are starting to form. We've put together a few of our predictions when it comes to recruitment trends in 2021.

A demand for more flexibility.

Some people are thriving working from home, others not so much. The requirement of remote work has enabled employees to obtain a much healthier work-life balance, one that they are not going to want to say goodbye to any time soon. Of course, we believe people are going to be keen to have some normality return, whether that be in the office, or at work socials, or even just being able to go for a working lunch. But we predict the end of full-time office work.

Expect candidates in 2021 to assume that roles come with the possibility for full time remote-working as standard.

'Situated in the 'bustling City centre' is no longer a perk.

Enviable location? So what? Remote working can now be supported on a mass scale. Managers can conduct performance reviews, target setting and training entirely virtually. Employers who had to live near their office for commuting purposes are no longer restricted and may find themselves wanting to relocate to the coast, or be closer to family. We’ll likely see an increase in people from all over the world working for companies with offices in completely different cities - and maybe even time zones!

Soft skills will be even more sought after.

'Soft' skills such as collaboration, critical-thinking and communication will be prized in the same way more technical skills are. Soft skills are an essential part of what makes someone great in a role, and being able to trust someone to be motivated and disciplined when away from the office and watchful eyes of management will likely be of great significance in 2021.

Employer branding will shift its focus.

The way in which a business is seen by its existing and prospective employees has long been a method of standing out from the crowd and attract the best talent. However, instead of advertising office-based perks (the classic lunchtime ping-pong table and fully stocked beer fridge) and company wide social events, there will be a shift in focus toward employee wellbeing. Candidates are going to be looking for an employer they feel as though they can trust. What businesses have adapted well to change? How did they treat their existing employees during this tumultuous period? What is the contingency plan? How do they approach supporting the mental wellbeing of their staff? Do not be surprised if these questions are posed to you by candidates in interview!

Natasha Harries February 12, 2021

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