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10 Best Recruitment Videos In 2023

Ryan Green
Ryan Green April 15, 2021
best recruitment videos

Recruitment videos are a great way to reflect company culture and provide insights into what it's like to be an employee at your organisation.

Employer branding is an integral part of attracting top talent to your company. First impressions count for a lot – so creating a great recruitment video could get you a lot of exposure and help you stand out from the crowd.

Below, we pick out 10 of our absolute favourites, and explain why we think they're great. Use this list for inspiration, or just sit back and enjoy.

#1 Apple

As more companies move to hybrid work models and remote working becomes the new norm, Apple has embraced this change and reflected it in this video. Their fun and quirky take on employees working from home sums up remote working life – and encapsulates experiences you're probably familiar with if you've been trying to conduct business in your living room for the last year.

#2 SodaStream

Some people save the planet, others move mountains. At SodaStream, you can do both, before you've even had lunch. Pretty epic.

#3 Barclays

We couldn't have a list of great videos without the Barclays viral hiring campaign being included. It's pure marketing genius. Just be careful where you sit next time you bank.

#4 Fiverr

Want to know the framework for a generic recruitment video? Fiverr plays on the stereotypical shots you'll often see in this hilarious homage to recruitment videos – so take notes!

#5 Dropbox

We've never seen such a diverse team of puppets before, but it wonderfully reflects the awesome creativity at Dropbox.

#6 New Zealand Police

Are you a company in the government and public service sector? Check out this fun and humorous recruitment video from New Zealand Police. The video features 70 real cops, the police band, police cats, helicopters, and crazy stunts. Where do we sign up?

#7 Ikea: Career Instructions

Ikea placed career instructions into its products as a way to reach millions of passive candidates. This video demonstrates what they did; it's a genuinely clever idea.

#8 Nasa

Looking for inspiration? Maybe you should quit your day-job and go and work for Nasa. Their company video is beyond motivational and who wouldn't want to help further their mission?

#9 Google

Google’s recruitment video helps highlight different roles from engineering and product management to sales and program management. Googlers share what makes working at Google great.

#10 CIA

"It only takes one new piece of foreign intelligence – and everything can change in an instant." When you hear that, it's hard not to give at least a little thought to becoming a spy.

Ryan Green
Ryan Green April 15, 2021

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