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Video Interviews and New Technologies as Tools in Recruitment

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton June 01, 2020
New Technologies in Recruitment

Do you remember the time when video calls were only available to villains in science fiction movies, who used them to threaten the world with destruction if their terms were not met? You probably didn’t think back then that such an immense revolution in communication is going to happen.

Would you believe me now if I told you that the future of recruitment is entirely on the internet and that the era of face-to-face interviews is nearing its end? In this article, we will address this issue and try to bring you insight into how new technologies are shaping the process of workforce recruitment globally.

Video Interviews and Communication

It all started not so long ago with Skype. Historically, new technologies often raise suspicion, so it was not a surprise that job interviews via Skype seemed unprofessional to some people back then. However, this changed quickly, and once it did, it never stopped growing. Today companies use video interviews to connect with talented professionals, on a truly vast scale. Distance is not an issue anymore as there is no need to leave the comfort of your room to have a job interview. Entire teams of people work together on the same projects while being thousands of miles and many time zones away.

Digital HR

Some companies even look for specialized, video interview software. They require programs that can enable them to use a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) or Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The Internet has changed HR very much and it will keep doing so in the future. With internet sourcing, video interviews, and mobile sourcing being widespread already, new recruiting instruments like gamification, location technology, and collaborative tools are emerging.

The Smartphone Revolution

But this is just the beginning. With smartphones, recruitment went mobile. Companies are researching new strategies to help them engage with a growing number of job-seekers who use their smartphones to access job listings. This sparked the development of new job-seeking applications and forced employers to adjust the way they communicate with potential candidates.

Playing for a Career

Gamification is another emerging high-tech strategy for getting talented professionals engaged in the recruitment process. The method itself is not so new but it is blossoming in today’s technologically advanced job market. Many big companies and even the United States Army have used gamification for recruitment.

Internet Sourcing

This is a digital age and the world is changing while you are reading these lines. Certain skills are needed just to use the internet and browse job listings. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and similar platforms leading the way, many new tools are appearing every day. The job market went global, so it is only up to the professionals in the recruiting business to find the most appropriate way to outsource for individuals whose qualities fit their company’s needs. We are all, more or less, affected by the digitization process. Some traditional businesses might even be endangered by it. For HR, however, this is a thriving new prospect filled with endless opportunities.

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton June 01, 2020

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