SQL Developer Test

Use a SQL test to hire developers by testing their knowledge and understanding of SQL.

  • What is an SQL test?

    SQL is a programming language used by developers to target, extract and access data from database management systems. Having a working knowledge of SQL is essential for many programmers and developers who use databases such as Oracle, Ingress, or Microsoft SQL servers.

    An SQL test assesses an individual's understanding and working knowledge of using SQL. The test is designed to measure if candidates can use SQL to connect, retrieve and manage information held on a relational database management system.

    Specifically, candidates' understanding of SQL is evaluated by assessing whether they can write queries in SQL that enable, for example, the extraction, manipulation, or modification of data stored on the relational database.

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  • Why is an SQL test so important when hiring?

    SQL is one of the most well-used database languages meaning that those working as programmers or back-end developers need to be proficient in SQL. When faced with a large applicant pool, it is often difficult to ascertain a candidate's skill level using SQL. Individuals may state that they can use SQL, but determining their proficiency from an application screen or interview can be problematic.

    The SQL test helps recruiters overcome this barrier by giving you a means of practically and objectively confirming an individual's capability in using SQL as compared to the role requirements. Those who score highly on the test are likely to perform well in a role that requires the use of SQL and can be progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

    In addition to assessing an individual's skill level using SQL, the test provides additional benefits to recruiters. It enables them to evaluate a candidate's skills in time management, their ability to work under pressure and solve issues with the code, as well as think critically about the requirements of the task at hand.

    While a working knowledge of SQL is required for many programming roles, other jobs also require candidates to be proficient in using SQL.

    Examples of roles where including an SQL test would be a beneficial addition to the recruitment process include:

    • Software engineer
    • Database administrator
    • Business analyst
    • Data engineers
    • Solution architects
    • Quality assurance analysts

Sample SQL Developer Test question

Which of these SQL statements is used to sort the results of a query in ascending order?

  • ORDER BY column_name DESC

  • ORDER BY column_name

  • SORT BY column_name

  • GROUP BY column_name

How to assess SQL coding skills using our test

Our SQL test asks a variety of questions that vary in difficulty level. Candidates who are proficient in SQL should be able to answer the questions correctly.

The SQL test provides valuable data-driven insight into what a candidate knows and understands. The test is structured using multiple-choice questions - a familiar format for most test-takers, that allows for instant and objective scoring.

As well as the correct answer, there are typically 2-4 distractors, representing common misconceptions and mistakes. This helps make the test more challenging, so a candidate's ability can be measured more accurately.

Test scores are provided to the user and can be compared to other test-takers in your talent pool to see how they perform relative to each other.

Each test has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy and validity in line with industry standards. It has been written, examined and edited by SQL experts and psychometric professionals. It has also been reviewed by a diverse sample of job seekers to check for any issues including sensitivity, face validity, fairness and accessibility.

This test is continually monitored so our team can optimize performance and regularly assess fairness issues.


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Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd
Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd
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SQL Developer Test FAQs

How popular is SQL?

SQL is a well-used programming language practiced by many developers across several sectors and industries. Those familiar with using SQL can write queries that enable the easy extraction and manipulation of data held on relational databases, resulting in efficient access to large amounts of data.

Why are SQL skills important?

Widely regarded as the standard language used to communicate with relational databases, individuals with SQL skills can access, manipulate and extract data by writing simple command queries. Having proficiency in using SQL is a skill requirement for many programmer, developer, and analyst roles.

What other skills are required for SQL?

To use and understand SQL, individuals need to draw on a wide range of skills. These include attention to detail and the ability to think logically and critically when solving a problem. Candidates also need strong written communication skills and a high level of numeracy.

When in the application process is it best to use a SQL test?

An SQL test can be used at any stage of the recruitment process but is most cost-effective when used in the early stages. Including an SQL test in the initial screening stages enables recruiters to identify candidates who have the necessary skill in using SQL as required for the role. These candidates can then be progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process; those that do not can be eliminated.

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Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA
Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA

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