JavaScript Developer Test

Use a JavaScript test to hire developers by testing their knowledge and understanding of JavaScript.

  • What Is A JavaScript Test?

    A JavaScript test is a recruitment tool that measures a candidate's knowledge and practical application of the JavaScript programming language and architecture. Designed at an intermediate level, it tests the key coding skills that an employer can reasonably expect an entry to mid-level developer to have mastered.

    Through a series of multiple-choice questions, candidates are required to solve various problems relating to JavaScript, such as the interpretation of code and the identification of bugs. They will also need to demonstrate an understanding of JavaScript best practices in both front and back-end development.

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  • Why Is A JavaScript Test So Important When Hiring?

    JavaScript is a widely adopted, multifunctional programming language. It is used in both front and back end development enabling many of the dynamic elements we interact with on websites and in mobile applications and forms the basis of popular web frameworks including React, Angular and Vue. It is therefore essential for entry-level and junior developers to be proficient in its use.

    The problem for recruitment teams and hiring managers is that it's hard to assess JavaScript proficiency through traditional recruitment methods.

    What a candidate states on their CV and discusses at their interview may sound impressive, but without practical demonstration, it's impossible to accurately judge their coding skills. It's also incredibly difficult to compare candidates of similar backgrounds and experiences.

    What a JavaScript test gives you is a reliable and objective view of the coding skills that exist in your applicant pool. It's cost-efficient, easy to administer at scale, and provides comparable score reports so you can shortlist the most promising talent.

    When used in conjunction with other pre-employment assessments like logical reasoning and situational judgement tests, a JavaScript test helps you identify those candidates most skilled in their discipline, and most capable of applying those skills within the working environment.

    You may consider a JavaScript test for roles such as:

    • Front-end developers
    • Back-end developers
    • Full-stack developers
    • Software engineers
    • Programmers

Sample JavaScript Developer Test question

Which of the following statements is correct?

  • Script can not be placed in <head>.

  • *var can be used as a JavaScript identifier.

  • Script can not be placed in <body>.

  • _var can be used as a JavaScript identifier.

How to assess JavaScript coding skills using our test

Our JavaScript test asks a variety of questions that vary in difficulty level. Candidates who are proficient in JavaScript should be able to answer most of the questions correctly.

The JavaScript test provides valuable data-driven insight into what a candidate knows and understands. The test is structured using multiple-choice questions: a familiar format for most test-takers, that allows for instant and objective scoring.

As well as the correct answer, there are typically 2–4 distractors, representing common misconceptions and mistakes. This helps make the test more challenging, so a candidate's ability can be measured more accurately.

Test scores are provided to the user and can be compared to other test-takers in your talent pool to see how they perform relative to each other.

Each test has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy and validity in line with industry standards. It has been written, examined and edited by JavaScript experts and psychometric professionals. It has also been reviewed by a diverse sample of job seekers to check for any issues including sensitivity, face validity, fairness and accessibility.

This test is continually monitored so our team can optimize performance and regularly assess fairness issues.


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“The platform is so simple to use. I had used competitor providers for over six years and will never go back. Fast, efficient and friendly!”
Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd
Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd
JavaScript Developer Test expert

Devised by an expert

Sairam Reddy Gottam is a software developer from India who specialises in the front-end application of JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular. He has over five years experience in designing and developing web applications, and has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

JavaScript Developer Test FAQs

Is the JavaScript test difficult?

Our JavaScript test is set at an intermediate standard and is ideally suited for assessing entry and junior-level candidates. It has been expertly designed and rigorously tested to ensure it is a fair and accurate measure of the skills required for such positions.

At what point in the selection process should the JavaScript test be used?

The JavaScript test is best applied as a screening tool, used in the early stages of recruitment to narrow down the applicant pool. Typically, this is between the application and interview stages. It can also be useful to administer the test a second time as part of an assessment day.

What other programming languages are useful for JavaScript?

The JavaScript syntax is very similar to that of C++, so candidates with a strong grasp of the latter should pick up the basics of JavaScript pretty quickly. Languages such as Ruby and Python are also useful, as they bear similarities when it comes to application.

Are Java and JavaScript the same?

Though they sound related, Java and JavaScript are not the same thing, and in fact, bear few similarities. They are applied and function in very different ways, and a candidate proficient in one may not, or need not, be proficient in the other.

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Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA

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