Microsoft Word Test

A Microsoft Word test can help you hire the right employees based on their skills at using the popular word processing software.

  • What is a Microsoft Word test?

    A Microsoft Word test is a recruitment tool that measures an applicant's knowledge and competency in using this popular word processing program.

    Written by software experts, the test's multiple-choice questions are designed around the use of Microsoft Word in a business context. To score highly, candidates must show proficiency in basic tasks such as creating, formatting and protecting documents, as well as more advanced features including tables, objects and collaborative editing tools.

    Those that do well in the test have the skill set to use Microsoft Word effectively, and complete all word-processing tasks quickly, accurately and professionally.

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  • Why is a Microsoft Word test so important when hiring?

    When hiring for administrative and office-based roles, it's highly likely that Microsoft Word sits on your list of essential skills. Many applicants will of course have used the software at some point - and as such may claim proficiency - but there's a big difference between typing an academic essay out in Word, and using it for professional purposes.

    In the latter context, the user needs to be confident in performing more advanced tasks, such as including headers and footers, applying advanced formatting, securing documents, collaborative editing and inserting additional information using images, graphs or tables.

    They also need the skills to do all of this at speed, quickly navigating the toolbar and applying shortcuts for increased productivity.

    What the Microsoft Word test gives you is a way of assessing these abilities in a practical manner, rather than relying on an applicant's resume. Insightful score reports allow for objective comparison, so you can confidently shortlist the most promising candidates for an interview.

    Cost and time-efficient, the Microsoft Word test is useful when hiring for:

    • Administrators
    • Personal assistants
    • Copy/content writers
    • Editors
    • Paralegals
    • Research assistants
    • HR professionals
    • Teachers/teaching assistants
    • Office managers

Sample Microsoft Word Test question

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

  • The Track Changes command is used to keep track of one's edits in a document.

  • The Track Markup command is used to keep track of one's edits in a document.

  • The Remove Background command is used to remove the background from an image.

  • The Aspect Ratio Crop command is used to create images in a 1:1 ratio.

How to assess Microsoft Word skills using our test

Our Microsoft Word test asks a variety of questions that vary in difficulty level. Candidates proficient in Microsoft Word should be able to answer most of the questions correctly.

The Microsoft Word test provides valuable insight into what a candidate knows and understands. The test is structured using multiple-choice questions: a familiar format for most test-takers, that allows instant and objective scoring.

As well as the correct answer, there are typically 2–4 distractors, representing common misconceptions and mistakes. This helps make the test more challenging, so a candidate's ability can be measured more accurately.

Test scores are provided to the user and can be compared to other test-takers in your talent pool to see how they perform relative to each other.

Each test has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy and validity in line with industry standards. It has been written, examined and edited by Microsoft Word experts and psychometric professionals. A diverse sample of job seekers has also reviewed it to check for any issues including sensitivity, face validity, fairness and accessibility.

This test is continually monitored so our team can optimize performance and regularly assess fairness issues.


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Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd
Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd

Microsoft Word Test FAQs

What other Microsoft Office software should a candidate know?

Depending on the role you're hiring for, it can be useful to test a candidate's proficiency in other Microsoft Office software applications such as Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. A Microsoft Azure test may also prove useful if this cloud-based solution is part of your tech stack.

Is the Microsoft Word test hard?

The Microsoft Word test has been expertly designed to assess candidates at an intermediate level of proficiency. The topics covered are there to ensure an applicant can confidently and efficiently use the program as part of an office-based role.

Are there any Microsoft certifications a candidate should have?

Microsoft does offer blended certifications in its 365 solutions (formally known as Office), and a candidate that holds one can be reasonably assumed Microsoft proficient. As they cover all software in the 365 solutions, however, it's recommended you use the Microsoft Word test to measure skill in this particular program.

Why is knowledge of Microsoft Word important?

Microsoft Word is the most widely used word-processing software in the world, and anyone employed in an office environment is likely to use it on a daily basis. To ensure they perform their job to a high standard, those employees need a strong grasp of its features and functionality.

“An unbeatable service, impressive platform and fantastic value for money.”
Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA
Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA

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