Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate's comprehension skills through the presentation of a short passage to text.

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  • What are verbal reasoning tests?

    Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate's comprehension skills through the presentation of a short passage of text. Candidates are required to use only information presented in the passage to answer the questions. Developed by chartered occupational psychologists, our verbal reasoning tests assess key comprehension skills which are essential to the everyday working environment.

  • Why do employers use verbal reasoning tests?

    Employers use verbal reasoning tests as they reveal a candidate's language proficiency and grammatical skills. Since the ability to communicate effectively is a universal skill, it's no surprise these are used by employers hiring for a wide range of roles.

  • What is the verbal reasoning test format?

    Verbal reasoning tests include a passage of text and a series of multiple choice questions to check the candidate's comprehension. Tests are timed to ensure candidates are judged both for quality and speed. The number of questions and the amount of allotted time vary from test to test, but typically candidates will be given about one minute per question.

  • What skills does verbal reasoning test?

    The most important skills it tests are a candidate's comprehension and language proficiency. On top of these, verbal reasoning tests will reveal a candidates ability to focus on key information, to handle pressure and work under time constraints.


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Verbal Reasoning Tests FAQs

How difficult are the tests?

We have two levels of verbal reasoning tests so they can be used for all levels within a company. The foundation level is typically given to more vocational roles, while the advanced level is used more senior and management positions.

How long do the tests last?

The allotted time for the numerical reasoning tests vary, but they're typically 15 - 20 minutes long. Likewise, the number of questions will be dependent on the complexity, but as a guide, candidates will be given about one minute per question.

Are these tests available in my plan?

We have a range of plans from starter, right up until custom plans. The difference between the plans is the number of test attempts permitted, not the type of tests. All our plans include our full test suite comprising all tests and all levels.

Can I see what the test is like?

Yes, of course. You can see a test by clicking on the 'view example' button at the top of the page. This test includes a mixture of foundation and advanced level questions so you get a full understanding of the various levels.

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