Call Centers Test

The call center test evaluates individuals on whether they have the required skills and abilities needed or success in a call center role.

  • About the call centers test

    Many employers use the call center test in the early stages of the recruitment process. The test helps employers determine which applicants in their applicant pool demonstrate the essential skills and attributes needed for a role in a call center.

    Those working in a call center need to draw on several skills to be efficient in their role. Logical and verbal reasoning skills are a must in this type of role, as are adaptability and emotional intelligence. Using these skills and aptitudes, individuals can deal effectively with clients' queries and reach a solution that benefits both the customer and the organization.

    The tests comprise a series of multiple-choice and situational questions that provide employers with a deeper insight into whether an individual has these skills and aptitudes and how they use these in workplace settings. Using the test results enables recruiters to make objective decisions on which applicants are the most suited for the roles they have to fill.

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  • Benefits of the call centers test

    Call center roles often attract a large volume of applicants. While a large volume of applicants to choose from brings about benefits, it also creates a challenge for recruiters in determining which applicants are the best fit for the positions.

    As a recruiter, you want to ensure that any recruitment decision is objective, fair, and based solely on an individual's skill set. This can be difficult to do from a CV or interview alone.

    The call center tests overcome this hurdle by providing recruiters with an easy-to-administer and cost-effective way of shortlisting an applicant pool based on an individual's skill set. The test results can also be used as comparative data to distinguish between applicants of similar skill and experience levels.

    Those that perform well on the test can be progressed to the later stages of the process, and

    those who perform below the designated benchmark can be eliminated.

    Using the restaurant sector tests helps recruiters overcome the biggest challenges of the hiring process in ensuring the process is bias-free yet cost-effective.

    As the tests evaluate individuals on several skills and aptitudes, they can be used when recruiting

    • Call center operatives

    • Call center manager

    • Call center team leaders

The call center skills test evaluates individuals on several skills and aptitudes needed for success in this sector. The results can then be used to gain a better understanding of an individual’s suitability for a call center role.

Verbal reasoning test

The verbal reasoning test is essential to the recruitment process for call center roles. In any call center, individuals must understand and follow the processes, procedures, and workflow when dealing with customer requests and solving issues.

The verbal reasoning test enables recruiters to understand whether individuals can correctly interpret written information and use this to solve problems. The test is timed and comprises short passages of text. Candidates need to read and analyze the text, then use their understanding to select whether the statement that follows is true, false, or they can not say based on what they have read.

Adaptability test

Adaptability is needed in many roles. In a call center environment, individuals must react quickly and effectively to solve customer problems to reach the best solution for both the customer and the organization. Using scenario-based questions, the adaptability test evaluates individuals on this essential skill and how they use it in the workplace

The test also evaluates individuals on their problem-solving skills and how effective they are in working well with others in a pressurized situation. The results from the test not only give the recruiter a better insight into how adaptable an individual is but also whether they can solve a problem effectively.

Emotional intelligence test

The emotional intelligence test evaluates how well individuals perceive and understand their emotions and the emotions of others.

This is a crucial skill in any customer-facing role, especially a call center role. In using emotional intelligence, individuals can work with others, diffuse tense situations and keep their emotions in check to reach a suitable outcome for both the customer and the organization.

The emotional intelligence test uses scenarios individuals may face when in the role to determine their level of emotional intelligence in a workplace setting. The test also helps employers evaluate how well an individual works in a team to reach a common goal.

Situational judgment test

The situational judgment test evaluates individuals on how they approach situations they are likely to face in the workplace. The test is beneficial as it provides employers with practical insight into how an individual approaches problems and issues they may encounter when in the role. This insight is especially useful for employers recruiting for call center roles.

The test also evaluates individuals on teamwork, leadership, and time management skills, all essential for all call center roles.

The test takes the form of a short scenario followed by a statement; candidates then need to select which of the multiple-choice answers is the way they would prefer to react in the given situation.

Logical reasoning test

The ability to form logical conclusions based on the information given is key for any individual working in a call center environment.

Candidates must be able to solve problems by analyzing the information available to them, whether internal information or that provided by the customer they are speaking with.

The logical reasoning test evaluates this ability using abstract information. Candidates are presented with questions in the form of diagrams or sequences. They must determine the relationship or link between the information, then use this to select which of the multiple-choice answers they believe to be correct.

Also known as inductive reasoning, this test also evaluates an individual's ability to work under pressure.


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Greg Chambers, HR Business Partner, Littlefish Ltd

Call Centers Test FAQs

Can I use this test to assess job fit?

The situational judgment test enables individuals to determine which individuals are a good fit for the role they have to fill. The test used scenarios that an individual may face in the role, along with a response to the situation. Candidates then need to select which of the multiple-choice answers best aligns with their preferred response to the situation or rank the response according to how they would react.

What skills are useful when working in a call center?

When working in a call center, individuals need several skills to be successful in the role. These include teamwork and communication skills, adaptability skills, and logical reasoning skills. These skills ensure that individuals can work effectively with others to reach the best solution for both the customer and the organization.

What is the price of the call centers test?

We offer a range of monthly and annual plans to meet your organization’s unique needs. Every plan includes our complete test suite covering all tests and all levels of difficulty. The only difference is the number of test attempts allowed.

Can I try out the test for free?

Yes, simply sign up (no credit card is required) and we’ll give you unlimited access for 7 seven days. Create as many jobs and test as many candidates as you want; you won’t be charged a penny.

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Laurence Fishman, Partner, NLPCA

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